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special moments and openings with theatricality


Power of theatricality

Our specific knowledge of materials and techniques, coupled with the possibility to develop projects in our own studio allows us to generate tailor-made performances. Playful theatrical creations, acts or shows can be developed and realised for a specific target. Wishes and possibilities are the foundation. Initiative and draft will be exchanged and fine-tuned after consultation. An unconventional performance with an exclusive appearance will be the result.   Some examples of openings, special actions, concepts, scenery and others are shown below.

Start project


A few slams made it happen. The first poles are in for the new properties  in ZestienHoven 24.09.2015


Concept, building and performance for the Dutch airport Schiphol. Entertainment for the travellers based on the wellknown game ‘I’m going on a trip and… ’ (2015)


Wide choice of various objects in order to customize a special moment ore opening. From Canned sardines to a mega - megaphone
Opning with elements ‘Münchhausen’ Opening with ‘Berlage’  Performance of 4 Toy figures on height Concretedrops for the opening of a bridge 4 Icons as a wax figure. Callas, Piaf, Sinatra and Dietrich  Scenery for Dickens show White workers for Knauf Luchtboogstatues from St. Jan in Den Bosch for a special moment Revealing of artwork Workers and a huge flower pot with character Workers are presenting a certificate Start of the first drill Opening of ROC Hengelo with the Royal Queen Two knights for the catwalk during Amsterdam Fashion W Turn Up building up. Deutsch English Deutsch English Deutsch English Deutsch English More examples in our Portfolio > More examples in our Portfolio >