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Jackpot Take a risk and gamble on this one- armed bandit. It has the looks of a slot machine from the roaring twenties but from the inside it is full of human ingenuity. Insert a coin, pull the handle and the machine will start to spin. One by one, three odd characters will pass by. They will decide if your lucky. What will it be? Grapes, lemons, cherries or four leave clovers. Three in a row is JACKPOT! It is permitted to complain about the results. Jackpot is unpredictable but human, too…

Classic Rally Ride

You can hear it from a distance; the boosting voice of a reporter, growling engines, the blast of a starting pistol... In a few moments, the big racers of the early days will pass. Cheering for the leader, encouraging words for the laggard. The audience suddenly becomes part of the pit stop where champagne flows, tires are changed, cars have to be fuelled up and checked for the next heat. Let’s hit the road again! To the bitter end, fully focused till the finish line. Inspired by the heroic pioneers of automotive history and those beautiful cars.

Go Solo

Small but brave travelling by truck and trailer. Go discovers the world on her own. Ready to shine like a star for a big crowd on her own stage. No circus, no theatre or dance but simply excellent. She will twist the audience around her little finger while clowning around. Improvising, either hard or heartbreaking. Go Solo; a small spectacle.
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F.I.S.H. (new)

Huge Fishes, driven by wheels, chains, gears and a lot of fantasy. Half fish, half human, half machine. As Jules Verne could have described at that time. With a lot of humor, the three colorful fishes are driven by the tough Captain, the punctual Cartographer and the jolly Chef. Go with their flow and that potpourri of new grown reality.

The Couch

Let's introduce... This couch has the looks! It frowns, signs, whispers and keeps an eye on you. Left and right feel easily at home. They sure can speak words of wisdom, but a light informal conversation for social occasions can be arranged too. It is real French Baroque and that's no joke!
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‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what is happening to you all?’   A Rococo styled dressing table with a stool starts to move and a volunteer will be asked to take place and speak about the meaning of beauty. This Mirror with its shimmering tummy, will always speak the truth. His guests will always be convinced of their own charm. It will be a dazzling reflection with reality.
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Based on design, we make expressive performances with the non spoken language of movement, dance, mime and expression. From this discipline, themes are worked out and productions with a recognizable signature are made for a various public. Daily themes seen through the eyes of a designer. Or, abstraction as living visual arts.
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Lantern People Orange Lady

lantern People

'Masters' of light The Lantern People know its origin in the historical job of lamplighters, who in the early days lit the gas street lights. When the use of electricity and the electric bulb wasn’t stoppable anymore, they lost their jobs. But they are reunited! The Lantern People are always busy and long for darkness. It’s a important job to make the most beautiful lightning. This ensemble created their own lifestyle, which is, in a hilaric way, not pretty efficient. With their caravan of lamps , they drive from spot to spot to manufacture light.
Hippocampus (segways) No guts, no glory! Mutiny on the continent. While riding their seahorse two gladiators will clash like they where Neptune, Spartacus or Ben- Hur? These blood brothers are floating restless oceans. Lances will be pulled and swords will be crossed. In primitive terms they drivel nonsense and surreal one-liners. These last Romans are really lost. Let’s hope they’ll meet the crowd in the middle and be back on speaking terms soon.   

Orange Lady

Busy, busy, busy... The stewardess is unlike any other statue (or steward). Orange in appearance, this lady has a strange way of serving her guests, and though she appears slow in her movements she is always rapidly following her schedule. While overlooking the challenges she stays busy all the time, unless she is looking for something else. With this performance Godelieve was the great winner at World Statues 2009; she became the Dutch and the World Champion living statues
Turn Up Last Minute Pumkins
Turn Up The wheels are turning, the chains are creaking; energy is going to be translated into toil. In an heroic way they actors face the risks of every single moment, balancing on the boarders of their capacity. Never ending cooperation, production and inspection, dynamics in every detail. Fighting against the elements, in extreme concentration striving for the required perfection. TURN UP  is a non spoken improvisation of various scenes, movements and effects. In a setting of tackles, winches, wheels, cables and pulleys the hard working men are busy doing their jobs. They symbolise the labour, energetic power, joy and cooperation. Because of the simplicity of its construction, its colours and natural look, Turn Up will be associated with the good old days.

Last Minute

5, 6, 7 ... The clock is ticking. The surprising figures of Last Minute want to live the life to the fullest. But for them it is also hard to manage the time. They are wasting time, distracted, lose their attention, a suitcase is forgotten and then again there are all kinds of obstacles are on their path. There is no way to reset the time. This multi-coloured ensemble will make you laugh about all those moments in daily life that will get you out of rhythm as well. The characters in this walk act will speed up and rush through the audience.


Two giants pumpkins, bathing in warm sounds, are filled with dancers. With their movements and glance, they create a mystical world and will take the public into their phantasy.
Pure Nature Robot Girl Crash test dummy

Pure Nature

Fibres, vitamines, minerals ánd cheerness are healty for everyone; Pure nature, that's what they are. As a couple They are each others image. Where left is, is right en where right is, is left.

Robot girl

The robot girl maybe just walked out of a manga comic. In blue, silver and black and with a huge helmed to stay tuned.

Crash test dummy

No test can't be done, everything needs to be checked out and checked up by the crash test dummy. This dummy tries secure the space for the audience but has his own directions for use. Safety first!
The Lab Son of Man

The Lab

These guys from the laboratory, orr

selfcalled professors, are on their

way with a curious lab. They will

test everything by using flames,

bubbles, and lots of smoky.

Walk act with 2 or 3 characters and a lab.  

Son of Man

Ghislain Magritte (21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that fall under the umbrella of surrealism. His work challenges observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. One of his well known works is 'The Son of Man'.  Two man avialable.  

I am going on a trip and …

"I am going on a trip and I am bringing…" Everybody knows how this old memory game should be played. A large completely filled trunk is carried around and guided by two nerdy clerks. They approach the audience with the question, “I’m going on a trip and...” Everyone will finish this sentence with “I am bringing…” What do people take nowadays? Toothbrush, swimsuit, phone, underwear, passport, money, clothing, etc ... The Clerks can be challenged because they will find it all in their trunk. Although it might be an interpretation. A hilarious encounter with lots of silly gags. Available in several editions like the Christmas and Valentine’s version.
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He moves and hips around like a crow, looking for anything interesting. Normaly not the most friendly bird and with his huge wings he even becomes impressive.  


Mit might be cold outside, but these enormous snowmen have a warm hart. They are never to tired to cheer everyone up, by dancing and going along.
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Two charming angels from heaven, like lifted above the crowd. They chatch the audience with their eyes while soft music brings them into the right mood  
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