Baron von Munchhausen Gliwice (P) Piotr Chlipalski
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Baron von Münchhausen

Baron Karl Friedrich von Munchhausen returns in his own story, still convinced that all his adventures really happened. According to the many tales the Baron was capable of doing all the impossible, flying on a bullet, riding on his halved horse, turning hungry wolves inside out or pulling himself out of the swamp by his own hair! Suitcase by suitcase these unbelievable events and hunting stories will be unravelled. The Baron will show his righteousness on a very charming way. But please, don’t mind the breakneck stunts. 
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Take a risk and gamble on this one- armed bandit. It has the looks of a slot machine from the roaring twenties but from the inside it is full of human ingenuity. Insert a coin, pull the handle and the machine will start to spin. One by one, three odd characters will pass by. They will decide if your lucky. What will it be? Grapes, lemons, cherries or four leave clovers. Three in a row is JACKPOT! It is permitted to complain about the results. Jackpot is unpredictable but human, too… 
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Toy Soldiers

Napoleon’s guard soldiers still want to achieve great triumphs and they long for the clash of arms. Enthusiastic, ready to battle and quite recklessly they struggle against the invisible enemy. Against better judgment they still fight for home and honour in their polished uniforms. Will everything take a turn when these wandering brothers in arms meet a beach comber? Take cover and beware of these big shots and their barrels of laughter!
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Turn Up The wheels are turning, the chains are creaking; energy is going to be translated into toil. In an heroic way they actors face the risks of every single moment, balancing on the boarders of their capacity. Never ending cooperation, production and inspection, dynamics in every detail. Fighting against the elements, in extreme concentration striving for the required perfection. TURN UP  is a non spoken improvisation of various scenes, movements and effects. In a setting of tackles, winches, wheels, cables and pulleys the hard working men are busy doing their jobs. They symbolise the labour, energetic power, joy and cooperation. Because of the simplicity of its construction, its colours and natural look, Turn Up will be associated with the good old days.
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Classic Rally Ride

You can hear it from a distance; the boosting voice of a reporter, growling engines, the blast of a starting pistol... In a few moments, the big racers of the early days will pass. Cheering for the leader, encouraging words for the laggard. The audience suddenly becomes part of the pit stop where champagne flows, tires are changed, cars have to be fuelled up and checked for the next heat. Let’s hit the road again! To the bitter end, fully focused till the finish line. Inspired by the heroic pioneers of automotive history and those beautiful cars.

Go Solo 

Small but brave travelling by truck and trailer. Go discovers the world on her own. Ready to shine like a star for a big crowd on her own stage. No circus, no theatre or dance but simply excellent. She will twist the audience around her little finger while clowning around. Improvising, either hard or heartbreaking. Go Solo; a small spectacle.  
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Our street and location performances are visual spectacles. The audience will enter into poetic experiences through the international language of movements and dance, mime and expression. The shows are remarkable because of the specific combination of several disciplines. TukkersConnexion has had great experiences at several European festivals with a range of non-spoken creations and spectacles.
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The Couch

Let's introduce... This couch has the looks! It frowns, signs, whispers and keeps an eye on you. Left and right feel easily at home. They sure can speak words of wisdom, but a light informal conversation for social occasions can be arranged too. It is real French Baroque and that's no joke!  
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Orange Lady

Busy, busy, busy... The stewardess is unlike any other statue (or steward). Orange in appearance, this lady has a strange way of serving her guests, and though she appears slow in her movements she is always rapidly following her schedule. While overlooking the challenges she stays busy all the time, unless she is looking for something else. With this performance Godelieve was the great winner at World Statues 2009; she became the Dutch and the World Champion living statues  
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Lantern People

'Masters' of light The Lantern People know its origin in the historical job of lamplighters, who in the early days lit the gas street lights. When the use of electricity and the electric bulb wasn’t stoppable anymore, they lost their jobs. But they are reunited! The Lantern People are always busy and long for darkness. It’s a important job to make the most beautiful lightning. This ensemble created their own lifestyle, which is, in a hilaric way, not pretty efficient. With their caravan of lamps , they drive from spot to spot to manufacture light.
Porte de Belleville

Porte de Belleville

When a child opens the gate to Belleville, wonderful things are going to happen. This city, with it’s remarkable inhabitants, will tell her secrets without speaking any explicable word. In this life size cabinet of rarity the doors and shutters have to open up scene by scene and show the power of imagination. A red threat will lead thought a colourful and imaginary spectacle and takes the audience into the world of fantasy.
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