Our street and location performances are visual spectacles.

Soap Stunters

We proudly present: a retro stunt team inspired by cartoons from earlier times. No guts, no glory, no legend, no story. That is the credo of the "Soap Stunters". They are the stars of the past, but also the heroes of today. Today! Our stuntmen have thoroughly prepared to show the people an ultimate stunt. A masterpiece that has never been shown to an audience before and has never been shown live at all. A trick that will surprise everyone, turn the stunters into heroes and make history. What does the public think? Will it be another jump over many burning tankers or will a human cannonball be thrown into space? We can already give you the following guarantee: Everyone must have seen this.

Baron von Münchhausen

Baron Karl Friedrich von Munchhausen returns in his own story, still convinced that all his adventures really happened. According to the many tales the Baron was capable of doing all the impossible, flying on a bullet, riding on his halved horse, turning hungry wolves inside out or pulling himself out of the swamp by his own hair! Suitcase by suitcase these unbelievable events and hunting stories will be unravelled. The Baron will show his righteousness on a very charming way. But please, don’t mind the breakneck stunts. 

Turn Up

The wheels are turning, the chains are creaking; energy is going to be translated into toil. In an heroic way they actors face the risks of every single moment, balancing on the boarders of their capacity. Never ending cooperation, production and inspection, dynamics in every detail. Fighting against the elements, in extreme concentration striving for the required perfection. TURN UP  is a non-spoken improvisation of various scenes, movements and effects. In a setting of tackles, winches, wheels, cables and pulleys the hard working men are busy doing their jobs. They symbolise the labour, energetic power, joy and cooperation. Because of the simplicity of its construction, its colours and natural look, Turn Up will be associated with the good old days.

Pull that String

Experience that guilty pleasure feeling from the early days at the fairground with 'Pull-that-String’! Prize every time. Antje, Meindert and Kees, the owners of this fairground stall, will introduce the audience to their Aunt Beth. As aunt Beth was their great example and, of course, their favourite aunty. There was fairground blood running through her veins. As she moved from region to region with her attraction she used her big nose for treasure hunting. She could not resist collecting and she became more and more richly surrounded by exclusive thingy’s. For sure; Aunt Beth was a collector’s item herself! When Beth crossed the rainbow bridge, she left everything to her relatives. The legacy of this unique woman did not only consist 500 meters of rope... Step into the world of Aunt Beth. Choose a rope and pull that prize. What prize might be there for you? A super prize or knick-knacks? One thing is for sure, the price will always be unique. Exactly as Aunt Beth would have wished for. Who’s in it, to win it?


Take a risk and gamble on this one-armed bandit. It has the looks of a slot machine from the roaring twenties but from the inside it is full of human ingenuity. Insert a coin, pull the handle and the machine will start to spin. One by one, three odd characters will pass by. They will decide if you’re lucky. What will it be? Grapes, lemons, cherries or four leave clovers. Three in a row is JACKPOT! It is permitted to complain about the results. Jackpot is unpredictable but human, too… 

Go Solo

Small but brave travelling by truck and trailer. Go discovers the world on her own. Ready to shine like a star for a big crowd on her own stage. No circus, no theatre or dance but simply excellent. She will twist the audience around her little finger while clowning around. Improvising, either hard or heartbreaking. Go Solo; a small spectacle.