strong visual walk acts between and with the audience

Classic Rally Ride

You can hear it from a distance; the boosting voice of a reporter, growling engines, the blast of a starting pistol... In a few moments, the big racers of the early days will pass. Cheering for the leader, encouraging words for the laggard. The audience suddenly becomes part of the pit stop where champagne flows, tires are changed, cars have to be fuelled up and checked for the next heat. Let’s hit the road again! To the bitter end, fully focused till the finish line. Inspired by the heroic pioneers of automotive history and those beautiful cars.


Half fish, half machine, the glorious F.I.S.H. trio is ridden by three historical characters seeking to thrill and impress. Inspired by the creative genius of Jules Verne crossed with a dose of Victorian elegance, sailors of the seven seas and street theatre. Guests will be transported to an imaginary world with giant colourful fish and humorous historical characters. The aquatic pedal-powered roaming act provides an unforgettable and unmissable interactive experience.

Soap Stunters

We proudly present: a retro stunt team inspired by cartoons from earlier times. No guts, no glory, no legend, no story. That is the credo of the "Soap Stunters". They are the stars of the past, but also the heroes of today. Today! Our stuntmen have thoroughly prepared to show the people an ultimate stunt. A masterpiece that has never been shown to an audience before and has never been shown live at all. A trick that will surprise everyone, turn the stunters into heroes and make history. What does the public think? Will it be another jump over many burning tankers or will a human cannonball be thrown into space? We can already give you the following guarantee: Everyone must have seen this.

Orange Stewardess

Busy, busy, busy... The stewardess is unlike any other statue (or steward). Orange in appearance, this lady has a strange way of serving her guests, and though she appears slow in her movements she is always rapidly following her schedule. While overlooking the challenges she stays busy all the time, unless she is looking for something else.

With this performance Godelieve was the great winner at World Statues 2009; she became the Dutch and the World Champion living statues


No guts, no glory! Mutiny on the continent. While riding their seahorse two gladiators will clash like they were Neptune, Spartacus or Ben-Hur? These blood brothers are floating restless oceans. Lances will be pulled and swords will be crossed. In primitive terms they drivel nonsense and surreal one-liners. These last Romans are really lost. Let’s hope they’ll meet the crowd in the middle and be back on speaking terms soon.

Go Solo

Small but brave travelling by truck and trailer. Go discovers the world on her own. Ready to shine like a star for a big crowd on her own stage. No circus, no theatre or dance but simply excellent. She will twist the audience around her little finger while clowning around. Improvising, either hard or heartbreaking. Go Solo; a small spectacle.

Go Solo is a walk act in combination with a street show.

Ferro Fortis

Impressive mobile installations made of metal or as we call it ‘Ferro Fortis’. This is a collaboration between Maarten van Halderen of Creatief met Staal and Theatre Company TukkersConnexion. It’s a solid example of metalworking in combination with theatre. Maarten is a real iron eater, someone who seeks for the challenge and the endless boundaries of the raw material and uses it to create impressive works of art. The actors of TukkersConnexion bring these objects to life and add an element of magic and imagination to each scene.

With Ferro Fortis they step back through the industrial age into the iron age and set instinct and that primal feeling in motion.

Aquila is an immense eagle with a wingspan of about 5 meters. He makes realistic movements and observes the audience from a height.

Pisces is a monstrously fat fish with an imposing mouth and a cunning glance. Full of bones and 100% cold blooded.

Last Minute

5, 6, 7 ... The clock is ticking. The surprising figures of Last Minute want to live the life to the fullest. But for them it is also hard to manage the time. They are wasting time, distracted, lose their attention, a suitcase is forgotten and then again there are all kinds of obstacles are on their path. There is no way to reset the time. This multi-coloured ensemble will make you laugh about all those moments in daily life that will get you out of rhythm as well. The characters in this walk act will speed up and rush through the audience.

Go on Parade

Dismissed! Drum Major ‘Go’ walked off from her marching band. With quit some ceremonial display she installs herself at her temporary post in order to conduct routine and special inspections. As ‘Control’ is her middle name. With a keen eye for detail, Go checks her temporary subjects and puts the situation to her hand instantly in a very charming way. Is everyone ready for this ceremonial with an appealing blink. Come a long with Go on Parade.

Son of Man

Ghislain Magritte (21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that fall under the umbrella of surrealism. His work challenges observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. One of his well-known works is 'The Son of Man'.  Two man available.

The Conveyor Belt

All things must pass! But stay alert because on the Conveyor Belt things are passing too. It is that beloved play from legendary ‘Generation Game’. But it comes in extra small. Your show master will guide you through. So, Lights out, spot on and let it roll! Stay focussed and try to remember as much symbols as possible. Are you in it to win it or do we need a game changer?

The Crow

He moves and hips around like a crow, looking for anything interesting. Normally not the most friendly bird and with his huge wings he even becomes impressive.

Pure Nature

Fibres, vitamins, minerals ánd cheeriness are healthy for everyone; Pure nature, that's what they are. As a couple they are each other’s image. Where left is, is right and where right is, is left.