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In ’96 Roy Tukkers graduated at the High School of Arts in Utrecht as a theatre designer. In the year 1999 Roy starts successfully as a solo artist and becomes three times in a row Dutch Champion of Living Statue. Nowadays he runs, together with Godelieve, the independent theatre group TukkersConnexion. Our street and location performances are visual spectacles. The audience will enter into poetic experiences through the international language of movements and dance, mime and expression. The shows are remarkable because of the specific combination of several disciplines. TukkersConnexion has had great experiences at several European festivals with a range of non-spoken creations and spectacles. TukkersConnexion is well-known at various festivals and events in Holland and abroad.


1999 Dutch Champion Living Statues 'Ons-Uit-Een'

2000 Dutch Champion Living Statues 'Tres Alegres'

2001 Dutch Champion & Audience award Living Statues 'Turn Up'

2009 World Champion & Dutch Champion Living Statues 'Orange Woman'

2011 Audience award WK Statues 'The Couch'

2012 Dutch Champion Living Statues 'Samen Schaatsen'

2012 Sonderpreis Koblenz 'The Couch

Newest production


We present this retro stunt team inspired by cartoons from earlier times.

No guts, no glory, no legend, no story. That's the credo of the "Soap Stunters".

One thing is for sure, no-one has seen this before!

All-Time favourite


Always the talk of the town


Are you looking for a performance in a fixed place or a walk act that interacts between your audience? Feel free to walk around on this website and inquire about the possibilities.

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A small but effective duo is the driving force behind TukkersConnexion.

Roy is responsible for all concepts and their implementation. He spends many hours in the workshop where all his ideas become reality. Godelieve takes care of the business part and the planning. In the manufacturing processes, she is responsible for all the sewing and the costumes.

But they both rather be in front of the public and perform.

For the implementation of the productions, the company has been working for many years with a number of free-lance performers and actors. With this dedicated team, the productions really come to life.

Roy Tukkers

founder and master brain

Godelieve Huijs

management and performance


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